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Admission Requirements

Prior to starting the online degree completion programs at SIU, students should have 60 college level, transferrable credit hours with at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, as calculated by the Articulation and Evaluation office. This is about the equivalent of the first two years of a four year degree.

As part of the 60 hours, students should have completed courses which fulfill the graduation requirements for the University Core Curriculum (UCC) for business majors. Some AA and AS degrees automatically meet these requirements. SIU offers a “Capstone” option for AAS degree students, which allows traditionally, non-transferable AAS degrees to transfer and reduce the UCC requirements and the time to graduation!

Also in the 60 credits, students should have the following SIU course equivalents completed prior to entering the program. They are prerequisite requirements for some courses in the program:

  • Accounting I-Financial (ACCT 220) AND Accounting II-Managerial (ACCT 230)
  • Intro to Microeconomics (ECON 240) AND Intro to Macroeconomics (ECON 241)
  • English Composition I (ENGL 101) AND/OR English Composition II (ENGL 102)
  • Finite Mathematics (MATH 139) AND Short Course in Calculus (MATH 140)
  • Business Data Analysis (MGMT 208)
  • Intro to Psychology (PSYC 102) OR Intro to Sociology (SOC 108)
  • Intro to Oral Communication (SPCM 101)

Don’t worry if you don’t have them all completed! Students can concurrently enroll in program courses along with other core courses. Our academic advisement staff can help you map out a path to graduation.

For more information about the University Core Curriculum, click here. Please note that some of these courses are prerequisites for upper level classes, however all are required for graduation.

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