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Testimonials from Online Grads

"After finishing my associate degree at the community college level, I started looking for an affordable, accredited university that offered online degrees in business. I was referred to SIU’s online program from a current student. I found SIU’s online BNAD program to be perfect for me because I was a full time employee working ten hours a day plus an hour and a half commute. I didn’t like the job I was working at the time, and pursuing my degree was my way to change my career path. What I liked most about the program was that you aren’t overloaded with work because you take two 8 week courses at a time, but you still get the 12 credit hours each semester. After my first year in the program I was able to move up from my position as an operator on an assembly line to a production supervisor. I couldn’t have picked a better place to finish my degree, and I would recommend the program to anyone looking to further their education online."

- Mario Stuckey, B.S., Business and Administration

"I am a Service Supervisor for Cintas Corp. and a current student pursuing a Business Administration Degree On-line. Before I started this program, I was enrolled in the Accounting and Finance programs at SIU. The typical stereotypes entered my mind when transferring to the on-line program. I was concerned with time management, teacher involvement, whether the Business Administration degree is accredited, and would it help me achieve my career goals. I tried to start the program with an open-mind and to my amazement I found my initial concerns about this program were addressed immediately. The program and web-site are constructed very well and are user friendly. The classes are structured in a way that allows me to complete my weekly assignments around my very busy schedule. My teachers’ and TAs’ are involved and care about my future success. After starting the “Accredited” Business Administration courses, I immediately began to apply the material in my workplace. While applying my teachings in the workplace, I have had many opportunities that have allowed me to advance. I am very satisfied with the College of Business’s On-line Business Administration Degree and would recommend the program to anyone looking to further their education."

- Jon Beaudry, Business and Administration student

"Southern Illinois College of Business online bachelor’s completion program solved a lot of issues I had with finishing my degree. As an adult and amid the processes of life and career I truly started to understand and value what a good education can bring to my life. This was relevant both in terms of a better understanding of business in my professional career and improved discipline in my personal life. This online completion program gave me the opportunity to complete my degree in the field that I needed, from an institution that I wanted. It also provided the flexibility to be a father, husband, employee, and student while offering the supports needed to succeed in my truly busy world. To be able to fulfill this life goal of higher education while continuing to work and prosper as a General Manager of a busy restaurant speaks volumes to how well this program is structured. To earn this degree from an accredited program, on-line, that is recognized the world over cannot be understated. Thank you for the opportunities to succeed at something that I valued so much."

- Michael Buenger, B.S. Business and Administration

"Before enrolling in the online program to earn my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I was stuck in an uninspiring job. I tried numerous times to change my career path, but nobody gave me the time of day.

Earning my degree completely changed my life. After graduation in May, I was offered a job with a highly respected travel agency in Tyler, Texas. Although that job was not a perfect fit for my family and me, I am being considered for several jobs in my home area. One is an Administrative Assistant for the Emergency Management Program at Illinois Eastern Community College and the other is a Small Business Consultant for Southeastern Illinois College.

I believe that these opportunities opened up for me because of my degree at SIU. Whether obtaining a degree traditionally, or in my case the online program, it is well worth the time and effort."

- Florence Simpson, B.S. Business and Administration

"Being a single mother and a student has never been an easy task. Even more so when the college campus is an hour away. Because of the way the classes were scheduled I would have had to drive 5 days a week to school with 2-3 hour gaps. Needless to say that was not feasible for me. I looked into my other options and found the online BNAD program. It was just what I needed! Everything was done online according to my own schedule. The teachers still lectured and gave assignments, all done virtually. If it were not for the BNAD online program I may not have gotten my Bachelor's degree at all."

- Reesha Robinson, B.S. Business and Administration