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Online Program Format

8 Week Format

The courses in the BNAD and oACCT programs are 8-weeks in length and are delivered 100% online.  The courses are paired and identified as either an “A” course or a “B” course.  The “A” courses meet the first eight weeks of the semester; the “B” courses meet the second eight weeks of the semester.  We recommend that a full time student would be advised to take both the “A” course and the “B” course; but that is not a requirement.  Most courses are offered at least two times each year, subject to enrollment.

See program curricula

A “normal” load for fall and spring semesters is two courses per 8-week session (4 courses); and for summer, two courses are usually taken. However, students can take fewer or more courses as applicable. Communication with the online advisors is required.

Modular Format

Courses are delivered in a modular format. A module runs from Monday 12:01am through Sunday 11:59pm central time.  Modules typically have two or three goals.  Each goal has activities for students to complete such as:

  • Things to Absorb: lecture video, other videos
  • Things to Read: textbook chapters, pdf files, etc
  • Things to Do: discussion posts/responses, problems, papers, group work, practice quizzes, exams, projects, etc.

The flexibility in the online programs permits students to complete these activities at their convenience in an asynchronous environment.  The structure of the program requires activities to be completed by set deadlines.

Program Support

The BNAD and oACCT programs are team delivered.  Instructors prepare the course materials, teaching assistants monitor the daily delivery of the course, and program staff who oversee the program development and delivery. As soon as new students are enrolled in courses, they will be contacted by the program staff who will provide all information needed for a smooth start to the program.

Students see and hear the instructor as he/she delivers the lectures.  A teaching assistant is assigned to each course and has published office hours.  TAs maintain weekly contact with their students, and are available via email or phone for assistance. We are committed to responding to emails within 24 hours (holidays excluded).  Assistance with course content is just an email or phone call away. 

Upon registering for the online courses, students will be informed by the program staff of expectations for the programs including technology requirements.  Remote students will also receive information about acquiring an external USB webcam used to record the exam environment (audio and video).