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Online Accounting Program (oACCT)

We want to make sure that a little thing like geography doesn’t keep you from reaching your goals. You can complete the final two years of our undergraduate accounting degree coursework 100% online through the SIU College of Business and Analytics. SIU is the only Illinois public university offering an accredited online accounting completion option qualifying graduates to take the CPA exam!

Our program fits your busy lifestyle. This program incorporates approximately 60 credit hours of coursework (20 courses). Each course runs 8 weeks so you can focus on 2 classes at a time while still completely 4 courses each semester. If that is too much for your schedule, take one course at a time – this program is designed to be flexible.

This degree completion program takes about 6 semesters of study over a 24-month timespan to complete, but it is possible to finish in a minimum of 18 months.

Check out our program brochure for more information.

Admission Requirements

Students should have 60 college-level, transferrable credit hours with at least a 2.0 GPA – roughly an Associate’s degree or the first two years of a four-year degree. These credits should include courses that fulfill graduation requirements of the Professional Core Curriculum for business majors and prerequisites for some courses in this program. If you don’t have all 60 hours completed already, our academic advisors can help you map out a successful path to graduation. Please see the online Accounting program’s Admission Requirements for additional information.


To apply for the online Accounting program, visit the Undergraduate Admissions website. You will have to create a user ID and password to begin the process. The application also requires a $40 processing fee.

Program Format

The online Accounting program is team delivered in a modular format, structured to be completed at your convenience by set deadlines. A team of instructors, teaching assistants, and program staff work to prepare and deliver course materials and provide support for you. Assistance with course content is just an email or phone call away. Check out the program format for more information on what you can expect when you join the program.

Curriculum and Courses

Program courses are 8 weeks in length, and students typically take 2 courses at one time, for a total of 4 courses per semester. However, there is flexibility for students to take fewer or more courses to meet their individual needs.

The online Accounting program offers continuous enrollment, so students may start the program in any semester. Check out the program’s Curriculum, Course Suggestions, and Suggested Schedule of courses for an idea of what to expect.

Program Costs

The cost for the online Accounting program is determined by SIU’s Off-Campus tuition and fee structure. Please refer to the Off-Campus Tuition and Fees Calculator for additional information.

Some courses will require the purchase of textbooks or other materials. Additionally, students are required to purchase and use an external USB webcam to participate in remote proctoring.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available. Please visit the SIU Financial Aid website for more information. We also offer numerous accounting scholarships!

Why Our Online Accounting Program?

This degree completion program will allow you to join the growing field of accounting, with potential employment along four basic career paths: public, management, government accounting, and internal auditing. The options within these areas are diverse and many.


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Additional Information

View the Undergraduate Catalog for more information about University policies and requirements.