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Accounting, B.S. (oACCT)

We want to make sure that a little thing like geography doesn’t keep you from reaching your goals.  You can complete the final two years of undergraduate accounting degree coursework 100 percent online through the SIU College of Business. 

Our program fits your busy lifestyle.  The program incorporates approximately 60 credit hours of coursework (20 courses).  Each course runs eight weeks so you can focus on two classes at a time while still completing four courses each semester.  If that is still too much for your schedule, take one course at a time.  This program is designed to be flexible. 

The program typically takes about six semesters of study over a 24-month timespan to complete.  But it is possible to finish in a minimum of 18 months.  

Business and Administration, B.S. (BNAD)

We know life gets very busy.  But we also know you have goals and aspirations, so we are here to help. 

Our program allows you to complete your Business and Administration bachelor’s degree completely online. 

It’s flexible and convenient.  Our program incorporates 60 credit hours covering finance, management and marketing, the core business components.  We divided it into 10 “course pairs” and courses are taught in eight-week blocks. So, typically, a full-time student will take four courses each semester, but focus on just two at any given time. Our program is flexible though, so you can take courses on a part-time basis as well.